Referendums Pass in 3 of 4 Door County School Districts

Requests for revenue cap overrides were approved for three of four Door County school districts in spring election voting Tuesday, but not in the Southern Door School District. Voters there rejected the three year non-recurring override question by a large margin…1503 district residents cast “no” votes…1031 said “yes.”

It was the opposite outcome for the Sevastopol School District where the request for 1.15 million dollars the first year, 1.35 million the second & 1.75 million dollars the third year was approved by nearly 600 votes…979 to 387.

The margin for the Sturgeon Bay override request was 455 votes as 1094 voters agreed to exceed the revenue cap by a million dollars next year, 1.3 million the following year & 1.6 million dollars for 2015/2016 school year. A total of 639 Sturgeon Bay School District residents voted against the proposal.

It was close in balloting on Washington Island, but the two-year non-recurring override was approved 214 to 193. The school board will now be able to exceed the revenue cap by $391,000 for the 2013/14 school year & by $481,000 the year after.

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