Public Health Warns of Critically High COVID Levels as Thanksgiving Approaches

Wisconsin’s Northeast Region Public Health officers have just issued a “Public Health Emergency COVID-19 Alert” urging residents to follow smart health practices this holiday season. They are stressing that it is safest to celebrate Thanksgiving with only the people in your immediate household and to not risk gathering with others. They warn that traveling, hosting guests indoors, and sharing food utensils and plates all pose significant risks. Also, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services has added a new level, “Critically High”, to measure the COVID activity level. They state that all public health jurisdictions in the northeast region of Wisconsin have now reached this “Critically High” level, with case burdens above 1,000 cases per 100,000 people. Critically high levels of COVID-19 infection is resulting in increased COVID-related hospitalizations and deaths. Due to these escalating cases, they are not able to notify positive cases and their close contacts in a timely manner. This severely limits efforts to contain the virus. Public health is imploring everyone to take actions to stop uncontrolled community spread. Health Board Chairperson Jayme Sopha comments, “Remember that safer celebrations offer protection for the most vulnerable members of your family so you can all gather for years to come.”

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