Pigeon Brings Bridge to a Halt

Door County has a reputation of being a beautiful place, not just because of its history, geography, topography & plant life, but also because of the animals that make their home here. Sometimes, the symbols of civilization & the animal world don’t mix, & something has to give. Such was the case late Monday afternoon when the Bayview Bridge in Sturgeon Bay was put out of commission for close to an hour. The initial problem surfaced when the gates refused to go up. Traffic was routed to the city’s other bridges while the problem was puzzled out. Bayview’s chief bridge-tender Steve Graf had a feeling that part of the reason for the gate’s inability to move had to do with a critter, & he surmised that it was a pigeon. Sure enough, a bird was found to be preventing the locking mechanism from engaging. But it wasn’t only the pigeon that gummed up the works. A circuit breaker had tripped & needed to be attended to. That done, the bridge went back to its normal operation.

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