Paperless Meetings for City of Sturgeon Bay?

The Sturgeon Bay City Council’s Finance/Purchasing & Building Committee will consider the idea of having paperless or electronic council & committee agenda packets when it meets Tuesday evening at 7PM. Sturgeon Bay school Superintendent Joe Stutting has a unique perspective on the matter. He is a member of the City Council &, in his capacity as District Administrator, has implemented a paperless program for agendas of the Board of Education. Stutting says savings on printing costs & the cost of mailing or delivering agenda packets is one reason alone why going paperless is worthwhile, but there’s another reason why the change is advantageous…[audio:|titles=Joe Stutting]
Stutting says he is convinced that governmental bodies can quickly pick up the steps needed to use the electronic system, but there will be changes to contend with…[audio:|titles=Joe Stutting]
Stutting says, with technology changing rapidly, there may well be a new way for the council, board & committees to access information in the future, but the first step is to get away from relying on paper agendas & informational pieces.

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