New Garbage & Recycling Containers in Sturgeon Bay

The Sturgeon Bay city council is expected to take another step in the plan to change the way garbage & recyclables are collected in the city during its meeting Tuesday evening. The finance/purchasing & building committee is recommending that garbage carts be purchased for each residence from Cascade Cart Solutions of Cincinnati, Ohio. The carts, essentially garbage cans on wheels, come in two sizes, 96 gallon & 64 gallon. The city will send a form to each residence asking the occupants to choose between the larger or smaller container. Residents who do not return the form will receive one 96 gallon cart for garbage & one 96 gallon cart for recycling. The city will pay the $42 cost of the larger container or the $36 cost of the smaller cart. It was noted during discussion on the committee level that less than 1% of the communities involved ordered the smaller cart.

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