New Garbage & Recycling Bins Delayed

Residents in Sturgeon Bay may be wondering when the new garbage & recycling bins will be delivered. The city’s municipal services department had planned to distribute the carts in 96 & 64 gallon sizes to each residence in the city in the month of August. However, it turns out that the schedule for fabricating the new garbage trucks has slowed implementation of the refuse & recycling program. The vehicles, which will be built to the city’s individual specifications, won’t be ready for about a month. Hence, the delay. The trucks will be equipped with automated arms that will pick up the carts so the driver never has to leave the vehicle. Under the new recycling program, residents will be able to put all of their recyclables in one of their carts &, because of the size of the cart, may opt to put their garbage & recycling out on a semi-regular basis.

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