New BUG Insurance Rating Could Mean Savings for Homeowners

Improvement to the ISO rating in the Brussels-Union-Gardner Fire Department coverage area could mean insurance savings for homeowners who live there. The insurance services office rating was upgraded from level nine to level six in November of last year. The rating plays an important role in the underwriting process at insurance companies. Some insurance providers will consider the distance from the fire station to the property served when determining a price. Others consider town class ratings and offer a discount regardless of the distance so long as the home is in the fire department’s coverage area. The BUG Fire Department is encouraging all of the property owners it serves to contact their insurance provider, if they haven’t already done so. For further information, visit the department’s web site at The lower ISO rating is an indication that the Brussels-Union-Gardner Fire Department is providing a high level of fire protection and life saving services to the people it serves.

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