National Public Safety Telecommunications Week

Every year, the second week of April is designated as National Public Safety Telecommunications Week. This week through Saturday we recognize and celebrate our members of the Door County Telecommunications Division, which of course includes our dispatchers. They answer thousands of calls for assistance each year and guide law enforcement, fire fighters, and emergency resopnders through their calls. Door County Director of EMS Communications Dan Kane tells us Door County currently has 8 full-time dispatchers, one supervisor, and 1 dispatcher in-training. They are also still hiring to fill one more disptacher position. His department has also been approved to hire a few more in the near future and they are hoping to build a list of interested individuals to prepare for any future openings. Kane also had this to say about his department’s dispatchers……

Kane also mentioned a national push to give dispatchers a protected status and have them officially classified as first resonders, recognizing them for the importance of their work. Kane also mentioned that when pandemic safety conditions improve in future years he hopes to make this week an opportunity to offer walk through tours of the dispatch center to let the public witness this first line of public safety up close.

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