Nasewaupee Man Avoids Scam

A new twist on the old check cashing scam surfaced in Door County last month. A Town Of Nasewaupee man told the Door County Sheriff’s Department that he attempted to sell a car on Craigslist, asking $1,500 for the vehicle. A short time after listing the car, he received a¬†Wells Fargo Bank check for $3,600. The individual who sent the funds said the additional money was intended for a designated party who was supposed to pick up the vehicle for him. When the local man balked at cashing the check, the sender threatened legal action. The man, instead, contacted the Door County Sheriff’s Department and was told not to cash the check, but to destory it instead. He was also told to inform the sender that law enforcement had been contacted and their advice was that the transaction was void.

Scam artists attempting the check cashing scheme are hoping their victims go ahead with the transaction. If they do, the scam artist will get the money, and the victim will have to cover the total cost of the bogus check.

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