Motions Hearing Held for Murder Trial

There was more legal wrangling in Door County Circuit Court this week in anticipation of the murder trial of 36-year old Brian Cooper of Plainfield, Illinois. Cooper is charged with two counts of first degree intentional homicide in connection with the death of 21-year old Alisha Bromfield, also of Plainfield, & her unborn daughter at a Southern Door County resort last August. Cooper’s attorney, Shane Brabazon of Green Bay & District Attorney Ray Pelrine met with Judge D. Todd Ehlers at a motions hearing Thursday. Judge Ehlers asked Brabazon & Pelrine to work out an agreement over Brabazon’s objection to some photos related to the case. The judge also requested that the attorneys meet & deal with any other issues they may have before a court date is set to consider the matters that can’t resolve. Judge Ehlers agreed with the DA that the testimony of an expert defense witness should be limited & allowed Pelrine to show the jury one picture of the unborn child. The judge noted that he would have a written decision on the relevant matters ready by June 10th. He also said he plans to have 14 jurors chosen when the proceedings move to another county to select the jury on the 14th. According to the court complaint, Cooper was in a drunken rage when he killed Bromfield because she said she did not want to have a relationship with him.

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