More Water Samples to be Collected After Asian Carp Detection

In response to the detection of Asian carp DNA in a single water sample from Sturgeon Bay, the US Fish & Wildlife Service will collect additional water samples from Sturgeon Bay on November 12th. At the request of the Department of Natural Resources. The DNR was notified last week of the single positive detection of Asian carp DNA out of more than 280 water samples collected in the waters of Lake Michigan. The state agency is unsure if the DNA came from a live fish. It is possible that it washed off from a boat, came from droppings from a bird that ate a silver carp, or from some other temporary source. Whatever the case, the US Fish & Wildlife Service will collect 100 to 150 samples next Tuesday in Sturgeon Bay for analysis for the presence of Asian carp DNA. Results are expected before the end of the year. The Asian carp species, introduced into the southern United States in the 1970’s, is headed toward the Great Lakes, causing serious concern because the fish aggressively compete with native commercial & sport fish for food & can potentially disrupt entire ecosystems. Also, silver carp can injure boaters when the fish leap out of the water.

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