Minnesota Man Rescued Near Horseshoe Island

The US Coast Guard & the Ephraim Fire Department participated in a water rescue involving a 53-year old Rochester, Minnesota man near Horseshoe Island, in the Bay of Green Bay, off of Ephraim, Wednesday afternoon. Daniel Wollery dove into the water to retrieve a 14-foot boat & motor that had drifted away, but was stymied by strong currents. His wife became concerned that he couldn’t get back to shore & contacted the coast guard. Ephraim firefighters also responded & the man & his wife were picked up without incident. The couple left the Ephraim dock to tour some of the smaller islands in the bay & exited their boat to walk along the beach. However, the boat floated away & Woolery, wearing a life jacket, tried to get to it, but was unable to do so. The boat was tied up on Little Sister Island & was expected to be retrieved when the weather improved.

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