Michigan Street Project Begins Monday in Sturgeon Bay

Sturgeon Bay City Engineer Tony Depies has announced that work on the Michigan Street leveling project is scheduled to begin at 8AM Monday. The project is expected to be completed in two phases because no traffic will be allowed in the area where work is being completed, including all intersections. The first phase will be from north 4th through 12th Avenue. A detour route will be set up to use north 4th to Jefferson Street and Egg Harbor Road, returning to Michigan Street on north 14th Avenue for the first phase.

The second phase will be from 12th to 18th Avenue with a detour route on south 12th Avenue to Rhode Island Street and returning to Michigan Street on south 18th Avenue. Alternate streets will be available for use, but any use of Michigan Street will be prohibited until the new surface cures. It’s expected that each phase of the project will take two days to complete because two or three layers will be applied. Because the asphalt emulsion and aggregate cover is so sticky and will adhere to shoes and tires, all uses of the street will be prohibited until the material has cured and dried. Sidewalks will be usable, but crossing the new surface will be prohibited during construction. It should also be noted that the process is very weather-dependent and the material cannot be applied if there is a good chance of rain.

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