Market Square Reconstruction Making Progress

Tony Depies, Sturgeon Bay City Engineer has provided us with an update on the Market Square reconstruction project. Depies notes that the weather has been a major problem slowing the progress of the project. In spite of the problems, Depies says the gravel base is in, in the parking lot & alley. Construction has begun in preparation for the installation of concrete curbs in the parking lot & along side of the alley closest to the Market Square lot. The setup work should take a day & then, weather permitting, all of the curbing work should be completed by the end of the day Friday. Depies says it is possible that driveway approaches & the sidewalks will also be installed. He reminds everyone that concrete cannot be driven on for a minimum of five days for cars & bikes & fresh concrete should not be walked on for at least two days after it is poured. The best thing is to just stay away from the new concrete until the warning signs & barricades or tape are removed. Depies concludes the report with the information that the city will be able to allow the use of the parking lot for the weekend of May 31st & June 1st, then it will be closed down to paint stripes & do landscaping.

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