Man Arrested After Attempting to Pass Counterfeit Bills

A suspicious bank employee thwarted an attempt to pass counterfeit cash in Sturgeon Bay May 15th & led to the arrest of a Brussels area man. The Sturgeon Bay Police Department reports that an individual using the Baylake Bank drive-thru tried to pass two $20 bills. However, the bank teller said the money didn’t feel right & became suspicious after running the “funny money” through a machine at the bank. On closer inspection, investigating officers & bank employees noticed that both bills had the same serial number…”IL64237506D.” The Brussels man was arrested on a probation hold & taken to the Door County jail. The police department says the investigation is ongoing & officers are conducting followup work. It is not uncommon for counterfeit bills to surface in Door County given the high volume of cash transactions that go on every year.

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