League of Women Voters “Voter Helpline”

The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin is reminding voters of the help they can receive from local non-partisan experts before the November 3rd election by calling or texting the “voter helpline” at 608-285-2141. This helpline, originally started in Dane County in 2016, has expanded to include local experts across the state. Now anyone in Wisconsin can call with questions and they will be referred to local volunteers to answer questions and offer in-person assistance if needed. Through this helpline, you can receive assistance obtaining an acceptable photo ID for voting, registering to vote, requesting to vote absentee, voting early as in-person absentee, and finding polling locations. The helpline volunteers can also offer rides to the DMV and serve as witness for absentee ballot voting. Again, that voter helpline number is 608-285-2141. The helpline staff can offer assistance in multiple languages, including Spanish.

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