International Summer Employees Delayed

Many employers in Door County’s tourism industry have been employing international students through the J-1 visa program known as “J-1 Summer Work Travel”. For many years now, this has helped local employers meet their staffing needs during our busy tourist seasons. With the current travel restrictions and ongoing pandemic situation, these traveling student employees will not be allowed into the U.S. earlier than June 15th, or possibly later due to local community ordinances. If travel restrictions are not lifted, then the next entry date will most likely be July 15th. Destination Door County’s membership director Phil Berndt has a message for those employers who have hired these J-1 students. He asks that you please write a personal email to each hired student and connect with them on our shared experience of having to stay home. You can also share the safety precautions we are all taking here in door county and reassure them of their safety once they do arrive in the county. This little gesture can further smooth out our economic recovery and comfort our visitors.

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