Informative Meeting on Hybrid Learning

“Hybrid Leaning” combines online learning with face-to-face instruction. In the current context of school re-openings, a hybrid model would reduce the number of students in the school building at any given time. Now, Hybrid Learning in Door County offers students the no-cost option of joining a small group of fellow students at an off-site location away from school while participating in some or all their classes virtually. These groups, or “pods”, will gather in participating establishments walking distance from the high school with ample space, facilities, WI-FI, and adult supervision. This pod concept offers a safe alternative for students to gather and learn in small groups. A hybrid pod learning concept is being organized by local families as an answer to the circumstances and uncertainties surrounding the return to school this fall. If you are interested there will be an informative meeting this Sunday August 23rd at Martin Park in downtown Sturgeon Bay at 6:00 pm.

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