Holiday Music Motel Neon Sign Vandalized

Early Saturday morning, an iconic neon sign of downtown Sturgeon Bay was vandalized. At just before 1:00 am, 3 individuals were captured on security cameras throwing items at the old neon sign for the Holiday Music Motel, damaging some of the glass neon tubing. Motel co-owner Melaniejane tells us about this historic sign and their hard work in keeping this sign in good condition…..

Once the sign damage was discovered, she viewed the 3 suspects in the motel’s security video footage. She then requested the security video footage from the nearby gas station during that same time period and found very clear up-close images of the vandals. Since then Melaniejane has been using social media to request community help in identifying the individuals and hopefully have them pay for damages without involving the police. When we spoke with Melaniejane Tuesday morning, she said one of the suspects has already stepped forward to correct their wrongdoing……

Now at the time of writing this article, we have been informed that the 2nd and 3rd suspects have also contacted the motel to help settle the matter before legal action is taken.

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