Helicopter Crash on Washington Island

There was a helicopter crash on Washington Island Sunday afternoon. Shortly after 2:00 pm, the crash occurred very near the helicopter pad of the Washington Island Airport just after take-off. The pilot, a Wisconsin resident but not a resident of the island, was not injured. He was able to crawl out of the crashed “Raven-2” helicopter on his own will just as the police arrived. Lieutenant Ken Berggren of the fire department was doing routine maintenance on a truck at the airport at the time and observed the crash. He was the first to respond within a few minutes with the truck. The fuel line had been shut off shortly after the crash so fire was not an imminent threat. Response included the island police, fire department, and ambulance. They were all dismissed within 25 minutes after the crash. No further information is available as of this time, and the cause of the crash is still under investigation.

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