Grandparent Scam Strikes in Door County

A Door County couple was bilked out of $1,400 by the so-called “grandparents scam.” Last month, the couple received a call from a person who claimed to be their grandson. The caller said he was in jail for drunken driving and needed to be bailed out. Shortly thereafter, a man claiming to be Attorney David Bell called to say it would cost $2,700 to cover the bail costs. However, he knew a bail bondsman in the Dominican Republic who could get the job done for $1,400. The county residents were instructed to purchase a “moneygram” and send it to Kalvin Gomez Cabrera in the Dominican Republic. The woman went to Walmart in Sturgeon Bay to buy the “moneygram” and was told by an employee that the she was being scammed. The store employee even gave her a brochure on the crime. However, she sent the $1,400 dollars anyway. A short time later, she received a second call from the so-called lawyer saying another $1,300 was needed. When the woman refused to do so, she was told a refund for the original amount would be mailed to her. She eventually contacted her grandson who said he was fine and not in jail. The investigating officer, told the victims that their money was gone. They were told to be wary of similar calls unless absolutely sure of the caller’s identity.

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