Gofundme Set Up for Sturgeon Bay Couple After Housefire

Last week we reported on the house fire december 14th on Sturgeon Bay’s west side near Bullhead Point. Lori and Chad had just returned from dining out to find their home on fire. Sadly, their beloved dog Diesel perished in that fire and they suddenly found themselves looking for a new home. Now with everything they own fitting into four Target bags, they are in a temporary place to live but wish to find a permanent home soon. They initially refused help from friends, but they have now reluctantly admitted that the expenses of starting over are more than they thought.

Two of their good friends have now set up a “Gofundme” account to help raise a little financial support to help them through this very difficult time. If you would like to help them with a donation to get through the unexpected loss of almost everything they owned, you will find a link to this Gofundme account below:


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