Gibraltar Superintendent Search

The Gibraltar school board, & its president, Sally Pfeiffer, has issued an update on the search for a new superintendent. Doctor Stephan Seyfer has indicated that he will retire at the end of the current school year after 15 years at the school in Fish Creek. The letter to parents & community members indicates that the board expressed its appreciation for Doctor Seyfer’s years of leadership & has set about the task of trying to fill his shoes. Doctor Keith Fuchs will act as a consultant & assist the board in its effort to have a smooth transition in filling the superintendent/elementary principal position. During the process, the board hopes to issue regular progress reports. To start, Doctor Fuchs will provide the board with a profile of the district’s strengths, its challenges & the attributes & characteristics the community & staff are looking for in the individual who will be called on to lead in the future. The profile is expected to be presented to the board on February 13th. Applications will be accepted through March 2nd, Doctor Fuchs will conduct screening interviews during the first two weeks in March & a list of the top five or six candidates will be presented to the board on March 12th. Interviews involving the board, staff & community members in March are expected to lead to the naming of the new district administrator by the end of April. That person’s first day on the job will be July first.

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