Gibraltar School District “Right-Sizing” Administration

The enrollment numbers in the Gibraltar School District have been slowly declining for a number of years, and that has lead to some changes in the administration. School Board President Dr. Stephen Seyfer tells us how this trend is being addressed by the board and their “right-sizing” approach….

Just about 1 year ago, the school’s Dean of Students resigned. Dr. Seyfer explains how the board responded while keeping in mind that “right-sizing” approach, and this brought more discussion amongst the board…..

Then, in recent months, Secondary Principal Gereon Methner announced his resignation, and more recently Elementary School Principal Brian Annen and Director of Learning Tim Mulrain have also resigned. Dr. Seyfer explains these recent resignations…..

The school board will be meeting again on June 14th when they will futher develop their “resizing” plan with the administrative team, and move ahead with filling open positions within that plan.

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