Gibraltar Phase 2 Facilities Referendum

In a recent conversation with Gibraltar Schools Superintendent Brett Stousland, he told us all about the upcoming facilities project referendum which will be on the April ballot for residents in that school district. He explains here the cost of that project and how it follows the previous project from 2018…….

There is no capital referendum option this fall, and a referendum this April is a preferred option over delaying the referendum until April of 2024. This Phase 2 project would include a new gymnasium, new classrooms, additional space, safety & security updates, a new cafeteria/kitchen, and a community space. Stousland details how this phase was formulated and drawn up…..

He says taxpayers in the Gibraltar School District might be concerned how much this project would cost them individually, and as he says the tax rate for the coming year would still be less than it was last year…………….

If approved, the Phase 2 facilities project would see construction begin in the summer of 2024, and then be completed the summer of 2026. Again, this referendum will appear on Gibraltar District ballots during the General Spring Election April 4th.

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