Gibraltar Bus Encounters Black Ice

A Gibraltar school bus was one of the vehicles involved in a Door County accident due to slippery roads Monday morning. The bus, loaded with six children, slid into an embankment on Kangaroo Beach Road, near Kangaroo Lake Road West, in the Town of Baileys Harbor. Luckily, no one was injured. The accident report indicates that the bus was eastbound on Kangaroo Beach Road attempting to slow & stop at the stop sign. While doing so, the bus hit a patch of black ice & slowly slid through the intersection & began to travel down the steep dead end portion of Kangaroo Beach Road that leads to the water. Concerned that the vehicle might slide into Kangaroo Lake, the driver steered the bus to the east shoulder & ditch, striking an embankment before bringing the vehicle to a stop. There was moderate damage to the front of the bus. The Gibraltar school district’s suburban was used to transport children the rest of the way to the school in Fish Creek.

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