Garey Bies Announces Candidacy for WI Secretary of State

Apparently, the idea of retirement doesn’t sit too well with Garey Bies. The Sister Bay Republican has announced that he will be a candidate for the office of Wisconsin Secretary of State. Not too long ago, Bies said he was ending his career as a state assemblyman after 14 years in Madison. However, he told WDOR News he had heard his name mentioned in media circles as a possible candidate for the position, but it was only when he decided to step down as state representative that he took a strong look at the statewide office. Bies makes no bones about the fact that he has talked about eliminating the position, but says it will be up to the citizens of Wisconsin to determine if that is the direction they want to head in. In the meantime, he hopes to breathe new life into a post that has slid toward bureaucratic predictability by an incumbent with close to four decades in office.

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