Forestville Millpond “Refill” Phase Begins Today

Today is September 1st, which is the start of the “refill” phase of the Forestville millpond. The millpond drawdown project began in November of 2019 with a goal of drying out and compacting the sediment of the millpond. Terry McNulty of the Friends of the Forestville Dam comments on the past history of this 19-month project…..

Instead of that millpond bottom sediment drying out and compacting, McNulty says much of that sediment flowed downstream south of the dam, and this may have negative effects for area fishermen….

During the drawdown, the Friends of the Forestville Dam filed a lawsuit against the county asking to stop draining the millpond. Now that the drawdown had halted, McNulty says their fight is not over as they try to protect their multi-faceted resource……….

Again, that “refill” phase begins today, and the county is hopeful the millpond will be refilled by October 1st, after which the DNR has plans to restock the millpond with largemouth bass and bluegill.

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