First Week a Bumpy One for New Garbage & Recycling Program

The first week under the new garbage & recycling program in Sturgeon Bay was a bit of a bumpy one as residents adjusted to a different way of doing things. Apparently, the biggest problem had to do with the closeness of the refuse & recycling bins to other objects & themselves. The city trucks need carts to be at least three feet away from a fixed object & three feet away from each other in order for the arms on the vehicles to do their work. For some residents, putting the bins on either side of the driveway will do the trick. One other thing, carts that weren’t set up properly were tagged, but the garbage & recycling was collected. That won’t happen next week. We’re told that tags will be affixed to carts that are improperly set up, but their contents will not be collected. It was also pointed out that residents don’t have to put their refuse & recycling out every week if they don’t generate enough of the material.

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