Fire At Sturgeon Bay Marina Destroys Three Boats

Three boats moored at the Quarterdeck Marina at 705 Marina Lane, on Sturgeon Bay’s west side, were destroyed in a fire Monday evening.  The Sturgeon Bay Fire Department was paged out at about seven-14 PM and multiple units responded, including a full complement from the nearby west side fire station.  The initial call indicated that one boat was on fire, but fire crews found three vessels had ignited.  A fourth boat at dock “b” was untied and pulled away from the burning vessels.  Besides the damaged boats, a pier sustained damage in the fire.  It was noted that it is not uncommon for fire to spread quickly from boats moored closely together.  Once the blaze was contained, the focus turned to keeping the boats from sinking.  Divers were called upon and floatation devices installed around the burned out hulks as a means of keeping debris from floating away.  It will be up to a crew from Roen Salvage to finish the job.  There were no reported injuries during the firefighting operation.  All three vessels are considered a total loss.  No cause and no damage estimate is available. Following standard procedure, the state fire marshall’s office has been called in.

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