Eighth Avenue Land Swap

Even though the 8th Avenue intersection with Egg Harbor Road in Sturgeon Bay is being used on a regular basis, a few loose ends have to be attended to before the street project can be officially wrapped up. According to an executive summary prepared for Tuesday’s city council meeting, the former road bed in front of the Corner Depot building is no longer needed for street purposes. The city council approved a land swap agreement with the Corner Depot in which the city received property along Florida Street for storm sewer & additional right of way in exchange for the Corner Depot acquiring excess right of way on 8th Avenue. The right of way is to be used for parking for the Corner Depot businesses. But, in order for the property swap to be consummated, the right of way needs to be formally vacated. The procedure to make that happen calls for the introduction of a resolution by the city council, a notice, a public hearing, & action by the council on the resolution. Eventually, the parcel will find it’s way back to the city’s tax rolls.

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