Egg Harbor Village Center

Egg Harbor Village Administrator Josh Vanlieshout is very pleased that a public/private partnership has brought about acquisition of land & plans for the construction of a building in the village that will meet the needs of residents & visitors alike. The property currently houses the “Jersey Shore Pub”, which will be demolished this spring. Vanlieshout says the new facility will address many space needs, including the library which deserves to operate out of an expanded area, given the current level of public use…[audio:|titles=Josh Vanlieshout]
Vanlieshout says the new building will also provide a base for historical efforts…[audio:|titles=Josh Vanlieshout]
And, the facility will be a place to welcome visitors to Egg Harbor…[audio:|titles=Josh Vanlieshout]
The Village Center in Egg Harbor is not expected to go up over night. The community is expected to be asked for support by way of a capital campaign & the library fundraising effort, started last year, will be expanded.

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