Egg Harbor Is A Eco Municipality

The Village of Egg Harbor is the first Door County municipality to be designated as an eco-municipality. An eco-municipality aspires to develop an ecologically, economically & socially healthy community for the long term, using the “Natural-Step” framework for sustainability as a guide, & a democratic, highly participative development process as the method. The “Natural Step” is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to education, advisory work, system change initiatives, innovation & research in sustainable development. The Village of Egg Harbor endorses the following four guidelines of the “Natural Step” framework system, which were developed by the American Planning Association, to help communities implement sustainable practices. The village will reduce dependence upon fossil fuels & extracted underground metals & minerals, chemicals & other manufactured substances that can accumulate in nature, activities That harm life-sustaining ecosystems & meet present & future human needs fairly & efficiently. On Wednesday, the Egg Harbor Village Board approved the eco-municipality designation.

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