Door County Snowmobile Trails

Despite the recent snowfall, the Door County Airport & Parks Department says snowmobile trails in the county will remain closed. The decision was made due to water sitting in low areas, land that is not frozen, & warmer weather predicted for the region this week. The Door County trails coordinator says riding snowmobiles on land that is not frozen can easily damage winter wheat, alfalfa, roots, road crossings, grass lawns, & gravel driveways that are part of the local system. It was decided that opening the trail for one or two days of riding was not worth the risk of permanent loss of trail land. Riding on a closed trail is considered trespassing & subject to a fine of $396.50. Riders have been invited to attend two upcoming meetings to learn what goes into deciding whether or not the trails will be opened up & be a voice in that process. The Pioneer Trailblazers Club will meet Thursday, March 8th at 7:30PM at the Institute Saloon, & the Door County Trails Association meets Thursday, April 5th at 7:30PM at the Mill Supper Club.

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