Door County Getting a lot of Media Coverage

People from all over the country and the world, for that matter, are reading about Door County and it’s not just because they have accessed the web site of the Door County Visitor Bureau. Jon Jarosh, Director of Communications and PR for the local tourism agency says others are telling the Door County story…

Jarosh says it’s one thing for the visitor bureau to blow it’s own horn, it’s another thing, altogether, for someone else to to do the promotional work…

Jarosh says some recent examples include, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel running articles on the county three weekends in a row, the Chicago Tribune included Door County in a fall roundup story, the Cedar Rapids Gazette ran a full page story on ghost tours in the county, there were multiple interviews about Door County on television programs in Milwaukee, Green Bay and Madison, and, the Lexington, Kentucky Herald ran a travel feature focusing on attractions in the county. Click the following link for a full listing of articles

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