Door County Concealed Carry Policy

With the implementation of Wisconsin’s concealed carry law for weapons a little more than a month away, the Door County Board will take up a resolution Thursday stating the County’s weapon policy. The State statute allows for weapons to be prohibited under certain circumstances. The Door County policy bans employees from carrying a weapon while on the job, in a County vehicle or in any building owned, operated or controlled by the County. The prohibition also applies to passengers in County vehicles or those entering it’s buildings. In addition, organizers of any special event may prohibit anyone carrying or possessing a weapon from entering or remaining at an event. The gun ban does not apply to law enforcement officers & employees may keep a weapon securely stored in their own vehicles. Placards spelling out the prohibitions may be displayed in prominent places as a means of indicating that the County has a weapon policy in place. The concealed carry statute goes into effect on November 1st.

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