Door County Candle Returns

More often than not, the saying “what goes around, comes around” is used in a negative context. But that is not the case for a local candle maker. At one time, Mike Felhofer of Candleworks of Door County in Carlsville owned & operated Door County Candle, a company in Sturgeon Bay he founded, nurtured & built into a highly successful enterprise. However, he sold off the business &, with it, went the brand name “Door County Candle.” When he went back into the candle business, he settled on a new name, expecting that his original creation was out of reach. It stayed that way until last year…[audio:|titles=Mike Felhoffer]
More than just nostalgia, Felhofer believes resurrecting the Door County Candle brand sends a message to old & new customers alike…[audio:|titles=Mike Felhoffer]
Felhofer tinkered with re-introducing the Door County Candle brand name a bit in 2011, but will be making more significant changes this year, including the phasing out of the “Candleworks” brand. To learn more about the Door County Candle Company, go to their web siteĀ

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