Door County Burning Ban

Tinder dry conditions with no significant rain in the forecast has prompted Door County Emergency Management, in cooperation with the fire chiefs of Door county, to place a temporary ban on open burning in Door County, effective immediately. The ban prohibits any open burning, agriculture burning or similar legal fires, until weather conditions improve. Extreme temperatures are expected later this week & with no rain in the forecast, the prospects for even drier conditions make it imperative that measures are taken to protect homes, families & properties from the exposure to fire. Fire departments will not issue burn permits until conditions improve, &, burn permits already issued are no longer valid. This also includes campfires, burn barrels & fireworks. Developed campgrounds will be allowed to have attended campfires at their own risk. The open burning ban will remain in effect until Door County Emergency Management & the county fire chiefs decide it is safe to lift it. The ban is intended to protect lives & property within Door County. All citizens are urged to follow it. Any questions can be directed to your local fire chief.

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