Door County Board Has Big Decisions to Make Tuesday

The Door County Board of Supervisors will decide Tuesday if a proposal to build a new $3.9 million senior resource center should move to the next phase & if $2.1 million should be spent on a communications upgrade. The board will also decide if the County should essentially tap into the general fund for $150,000 so that the 30 year old terminal building at the Cherryland Airport can be renovated & expanded. Federal & State grants & a County match has provided $773,682 of the estimated project cost. However, the low bid with alternatives was closer to $923,682, or a short fall of $150,000. The plan is for the County to advance the needed dollars with the idea that the funds will be reimbursed with future Federal funding. It was noted that the Cherryland Airport has applied for, & received annual Federal grants of $150,000, meaning the reimbursement could be made as early as 2012.

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