Door County Board Action Tuesday

The Door County Board gave it’s blessing Tuesday for a proposal to tap into the County’s general fund for $150,000 so that the 30 year old terminal building at the Cherryland Airport can be renovated & expanded. Federal & State grants & a County match have provided $773,682 of the estimated project cost. However the low bid was closer to $923,682, the $150,000 will make up the difference. It is anticipated that the Airport funding could be reimbursed in the form of Federal grant funding as early as 2012.

The County Board also approved an exchange of land with the Horseshoe Bay Golf Club near Frank Murphy County Park in the Egg Harbor area. The action will result in the County taking ownership & control of property where the only known entrance to Horshoe Bay Cave is situated. The area could be developed as a county attraction.

The Door County Capital Improvements Plan for the years 2012 through 2016 was approved with a couple of modifications. The planned upgrade for the County’s communications system will be paid for in the 2013 budget cycle, & rather than dealing with the Senior Center project funding for two years, the action will be taken care of in budgeting for 2013.

The County 2011 redistricting plan was approved on a unanimous vote, with one supervisor excused. The plan not only sets the boundaries for supervisory seats on the County Board, but also determines where the lines will be for the seven Sturgeon Bay Aldermanic Districts. You’ll remember that Alderman John Lodl objected to the plan because it sets boundaries that moved his home out of the 3rd District in Sturgeon Bay & made it part of the 2nd District. Lodl will now have to decide if he will finish out his current term in the 3rd District or run against 2nd District Alderman Ron Vandertie in April.

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