Door 2 Door Rides Announces Changes

Door 2 Door Rides, Door County’s shared ride taxi and connector service, has announced changes to its service areas and hours and rates, along with the addition of a new six passenger vehicle. The changes begin in January. The coverage area will be expanded and redefined in 2015. The north zone will be divided into two components. The south zone remains the same. A new service area map is available online. Hours for the north-south connector taxi will be increased. Next year, the connector will operate Monday through Friday, 9:30AM to 3PM, providing an additional three hours of service daily. For the first time in the transportation services’ five-year existence, rates will increase, but only for the taxi portion of the system. The cost will go up 25 to 50 cents per ride and the connector taxi service will add a five dollar surcharge to the ten dollar flat rate for those traveling from the southern or Sturgeon Bay core zone to the far north zone. Since its inception in June of 2010, Door 2 Door Rides has grown to serve approximately 40,000 people annually. To learn more go to

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