Door 2 Door Expands

The Door County Public Transit System, better known as Door 2 Door Rides, will be expanding service this year to improve the service to Door County residents. Last year, the service was expanded around the Sturgeon Bay area and now new service was added to Northern Door County and Monday through Friday connector runs were initiated between Sturgeon Bay and Northern Door as well as service to Valmy, Brussels and Algoma.

All current services will continue and rides are open to everyone during normal operating hours.

Here are some of the changes that began on January 2nd: 

1. A 6th taxi has been added to the fleet to operate in the expanded Sturgeon Bay area or Northern Door as needed Monday through Friday.
2. Every weekday this new taxi will also make a mid-day run between Sturgeon Bay and the Northern Door service area upon request.
3. By using either the Egg Harbor or Sister Bay connectors, which run early in the morning and later in the afternoon for the other half of the round trip, the layover time in Sturgeon Bay or Northern Door can now be cut in half.
4. Cost of this new mid-day taxi is only $10 one-way.
5. The Northern Door taxi service will now include Baileys Harbor and the expanded area service will run from County EE south to County E and head east on E with a slight jog southward near Lake Michigan to include the area around Bjorklunden.
6. The current half-price child rate will now be called a student rate and include those 3 – 22.

One trip or a series of trips can be arranged on any Door 2 Door rides or connectors by calling 746-6948 in the Sturgeon Bay area or toll-free 888-337-9485 in Northern Door County.

Each ride is a simple flat fee, regardless of the distance traveled. The rider pays the driver either in cash or with a pre-purchased coupon when boarding. Fares are subsidized with federal and state public transit dollars through a grant written by Door County each year.

All Door 2 Door taxis and connector vehicles are equipped to handle at least 1 wheelchair passenger, just let dispatch know when you schedule of ride if needed. For more information on Door 2 Door Rides, visit or check the brochure racks around Door County. The 2013 maps should be posted soon.

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