DC Campgrounds Can Open with Restrictions

On April 15th, we reported how Door County Public Health announced a temporary closure of all Door County campgrounds. Since then, some campground owners came forward with ideas to ensure a safe environment and indicated they were willing to act on these safety measures. Now, starting this Friday April 24th, campgrounds within Door County may open and remain in operation subject to a list of conditions. Only campsites with their own bathrooms, kitchens, and showers may be occupied. Campsites are limited to members of a single household or living unit. All other private gatherings of any number of people at a site are prohibited. Campers must maintain social distancing of 6 feet with anyone outside of their household group. Campground staff must routinely clean surfaces commonly touched by campers with an E.P.A. registered product for use against coronavirus. These and other restrictions, when met, will permit campgrounds to re-open in Door County. Wisconsinites are still encouraged to stay close to home and strongly discouraged from engaging in unnecessary travel.

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