Day 2 of Cooper Trial

Much of the day Tuesday was taken up with the showing of interviews involving Brian Cooper, the 36-year old Illinois man on trial in Door County Circuit Court on two counts of first degree murder in connection with the death of 21-year old Alisha Bromfield of Plainfield, Illinois at a southern Door County resort last August. Bromfield was six months pregnant when she died.

Brian Cooper, also of Plainfield, Illinois, was interviewed on two occasions as part of the investigation into the strangling death of Bromfield. Earlier, the prosecution played an audio tape of the 911 call Cooper made from Sister Bay after he left the resort. In the call, he told dispatcher Carrie Gossen that a murder had been committed & that he had committed the crime.

In the interview with investigator Mark Winkel, Cooper related the circumstances that led up to Bromfield’s death. How they had argued, how he had been drinking heavily, how he snapped when they had yet another disagreement & how he strangled her to death despite her pleas to save the life of her unborn child. The testimony included Cooper’s admission that he had sex with her corpse. He is also charged with third degree sexual assault.

During the course of the trial, the jury has also been shown a series of photographs & other exhibits related to the prosecution’s case. While five days have been set aside for the trial, there is a consensus that both the prosecution & defense could have their cases wrapped up before Friday. Then it will be up to the jurors from Wood County to determine Cooper’s guilt or innocence.

Judge D. Todd Ehlers is presiding at the trial, District Attorney Ray Pelrine is presenting the state’s case & Cooper is being represented by Green Bay attorney Shane Brabazon.

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