Dairy View Corn Maze

The 150th anniversary of the Town of Egg Harbor is one of the features of the 2011 Dairy View Corn Maze at Schopf’s Hilltop Dairy near Carlsville. Each Spring, when the plants are still short, Great Adventures Corn Mazes brings in a computerized, GPS guided corn cutting machine to carve out the detailed custom design. As the corn plants begin to mature, a complex puzzle becomes an awesome maze on the 30 acre field. This year, there are four separate mazes, 0.8 miles, 1.4 miles, 3.4 miles, & 4.6 miles in length with levels of difficulty ranging from beginner to expert. The Dairy View corn maze is open daily at Schopf’s Dairy View Country Store on County I East of Carlsville. Admission is $8 for adults, $6 for children 6 to 12 years of age & free for those 3 & younger. To learn more about the corn maze, or Schopf’s Dairy View click here.

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