Council to Tackle Bike Lane Issue Tuesday

As anticipated, the Sturgeon Bay City Council will take up the matter of marking Michigan Street for bicycles during its regular meeting Tuesday evening. On September 10th, community-members & other interested parties were asked to participate in a public forum on the subject at city hall. While the responses were varied, some of the conclusions drawn indicated that a vast majority of Michigan Street property owners did not want parking removed from both sides of the street, that many residents were against the idea of having bike lanes on the busy street at all, that the striping plan, if implemented, should be consistent, that the centerline should be in the center of the pavement, that vehicle lanes should be wide enough to allow movement away from bicyclists when passing & away from manhole covers, &, generally, that bike lanes located along the curb are preferable to lanes in the middle of the street. The council will be told Tuesday that the configuration referred to as “Alternative A”, is preferred because it offers consistent striping throughout the roadway, moves the centerline closer to the true center, provides more room for cyclists & wider vehicle lanes, &, retains parking on one side of the street.


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