Cooper’s Second Trial Underway

The second jury trial for a 37-year old Plainfield, Illinois man, charged with two counts of first degree intentional homicide, got underway in Door County Circuit Court Monday. Brian Cooper is accused of strangling 19-year old Alisha Bromfield to death at a southern Door County resort in August of 2012. Bromfield’s unborn child also died when her mother was killed. In June of last year, the trial ended with a hung jury, setting the stage for this week’s return to court.

During opening arguments, Door County District Attorney Ray Pelrine indicated that Cooper’s obsession with Bromfield was such that, when he realized she did not want a relationship with him, he decided that no one could have her. The D.A. also recounted how Cooper had sexually assaulted Bromfield’s lifeless body and had placed hidden cameras in areas of his home and in the motel room. Defense attorney John Birdsall, following the line of defense laid out in the previous trial, focused on Cooper’s level of intoxication at the time and how he had little, if any, recollection of the incident. Birdsall said Cooper was into marijuana, not heavy drinking.

Following opening arguments, the prosecution started bringing in witnesses, much the same way its case was built last time around. Five days have been set aside for the jury trial. Judge D. Todd Ehlers is presiding.

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