Cooper Trial Begins Monday

A jury has been selected from Wood County for a murder trial that will begin at 8:15am Monday in Door County. Brian Cooper, of Plainfield, Illinois, is accused of 2 counts of first degree intentional homicide in the deaths of Alisha Bromfield, also of Plainfield, and her unborn child, at a southern Door County resort last August. The request for an outside jury was made by Cooper’s attorney in January. The jury selected in Wood County will be brought to Door County for the week-long trial. Cooper is┬ácharged with 2 counts of first degree intentional homicide & third degree sexual assault.

He allegedly strangled Bromfield to death during a drunken rage after she indicated that she did not want to have a relationship with him. She was 6 months pregnant at the time.

Cooper had originally plead ‘not guilty by reason of mental defect or disease’, but that plea was withdrawn Friday.

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