Coast Guard Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing on Washington Island

A US Coast Guard helicopter was forced to make a precautionary emergency landing on Washington Island Sunday morning. The MH 65-c Dolphin helicopter left Traverse City, Michigan at 7:50AM, en-route to Ashland, Wisconsin & a search & rescue mission. However, the helicopter developed what was called a “flight control issue” as it traveled over Lake Michigan. The pilot, Lieutenant Chris Breuer, decided it was best to bring the helicopter down in an open area on Washington Island, in this case, the beach just South of Hog Island & Percy Johnson County Park. There were no injuries, but the helicopter was essentially stuck in the deep snow & could not be flown out. The rest of the helicopter crew included co-pilot Jim Okorn, Flight Mechanic Matt Lussier, & Rescue Swimmer Tom McArthur. Thanks to the Ferry Cabin News for details of the emergency landing.

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