Coast Guard Exercise Through Thursday

The U.S. Coast Guard will be conducting a search and rescue field exercise in Green Bay from now through Thursday, February 21st. According to Senior Chief Wayne Spritka, officer in charge of the Sturgeon Bay Canal Station, the exercise will take place on the ice and in the air over an area covering about 8 square miles off shore of Red River Park in Brown County. Portions of the exercise will be conducted during the day, while other aspects will happen at night.

During the field exercise, calle the “ice sweep width study”, 20 mannequins will be strategically placed and used to simulate persons in distress, eith in the water or on the ice. The general public is asked to ignore and to not disturb the mannequins. The general public may see rescue crews from the Coast Guard and the Brown County Sheriff’s Department in action on the ice and on the air, using a rescue helicopter and an air boat.

The “ice sweep width study” is being conducted to gather information and data that will be used to assist search and rescue responders on the Great Lakes and decrease the time needed to locate and reach a person in distress.

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